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Absorbable Non-Absorbable
Vicryl - Braided (PGA) Ethilon - Nylon Mono
Vicryl Rapide - Fast Absorb (PGA) Prolene - Blue Poly Pro
PDS II - Monofilament Permahand - Silk Black Braided
Monocryl - Monofilament (Poliglecaprone 25)    Biopsy - Short Black Nylon
Ethicon - Gut & Chromic Gut

High Quality German Stainless Steel

Scissors Retractors/Skin Hooks Forceps
Towel Clamps Cutters/Rongeurs/Elevators Nail Nippers
Needle Holders Chisels/Currettes/Saws/Speculums

Other Supplies:

Surgical Instruments
Surgical Blades
Sterile Gloves
Exam Gloves
Protective Wear
Skin Stapler
Sterilization Products
Surface & Equipment Wipes
Hand & Face Wipes


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